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Unwind & rejuvenate.

It’s a part of what we do. We take your aching muscles and sore joints and rejuvenate them so you feel healthier, refreshed, and younger. Our unique healing therapies provide healing for your entire body in a way that works for you. So, come unwind at Massage & Healing Center.

Wellness Coaching

Our Wellness Coach is a Registered Nurse (RN) and Board-Certified Lifestyle Coach, specializing in holistic healthcare and non-pharmacological modalities to improve overall wellness.

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Chronic Pain Techniques

Whether the pain is occurring in your legs, arms, neck, or lower back, our muscle release techniques offers muscle healing by focusing on compression, extension, movement, and breath. Together, these muscle-release techniques work to relieve your pain and muscle tension.


Known as a bio-communication scan, the ZYTO Wellness Scan enables a computer to communicate with your body, gathering information and readings on your overall health. This information is used to personalize your therapy based on your needs, whether it be better nutrition, massage therapy, or muscle healing in some manner.

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When the perception of the world around us gets fuzzy, our minds and bodies react accordingly. In many cases, dysfunction and irregulation occur, clouding our judgement and the way we move within the world around us. Eventually, this dysfunction leads to destructive behaviors that only the EVOX Scan can pick up and regulate. With this method, we can painlessly and quickly shift your mind’s perspective, producing a more happier, healthier you.

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy has been around since the 12th Century, so the practice is nothing new. What is new is our approach and the chamber we use for such a healing method. We utilize a smaller chamber, which allows us to increase the concentration of salt, resulting in better and faster healing. Salt therapy is great for people with allergies, lung issues, skin disorders, and stress.

Salt Therapy service at Massage & Healing Center

Your Health is Everything!