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It’s time to relax.

At Massage & Healing Center, we take your relaxation and healing to a whole new level with that personal touch. No matter what ails you, our professional staff will help calm your muscles, relax your mind, and restore your spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue massage applies firm, invigorating pressure to the muscles giving you trouble. This healing technique provides relief to those pinched nerves and pulled muscles. The therapeutic benefits include relief of chronic pain and tension, the rehabilitation of injured and weakened muscles, and headache relief. By encouraging blood flow and circulation, our deep-tissue massages leave you feeling rejuvenated, flexible, and mobile.

massage theraptist performing deep tissue massage on client
massage therapist performing a chronic pain massage

Chronic Pain Massage

Pain in the body can come from all sorts of places, but nothing is more debilitating than chronic pain. This pain often stems from stiff arthritic joints, old sports injuries, or accidents. It also comes with aging, leaving many to wonder if they’ll ever find relief. These issues are just what our chronic pain massages address. Using an array of massage techniques, our massage therapists address each of your individual needs and conditions. Whether you’re living with carpel tunnel, sciatica, pulled muscles, or arthritics, this massage session can help relieve pain, improve mobility, and relax muscles.

Stress Reduction

Our stress reduction massage session utilizes therapeutic massage techniques to calm your nervous system and bring harmony to your body. Life can feel overwhelming at times, but by taking care of your nervous system, you can tackle anything that comes your way.

woman getting a stress relief massage
client getting a relaxation massage

Relaxation Massage

With a relaxation massage, we apply firm, medium pressure that instantly soothes and calms muscles and joints. By eliminating the stress in the common pressure points like your back, shoulders, and neck, you’ll instantly feel relief and relaxation (hence the name). The relaxation massage aims to provide you with relief by encouraging endorphin release – The body’s natural painkiller. Your therapeutic benefits include headache relief, stress reduction, relief from arthritic pain, and improved circulation.


Your body craves movement. Tightness in your muscles is often a sign that you’re not getting enough of it. That’s why our Licensed Massage Therapists incorporate specially designed stretches in our corrective massages to loosen stiff muscles, improve flexibility and elongate muscular tissue. We will also share these stretches with you after your massage, so you can continue your healing on your own.Stretching has many benefits, including improving joint mobility, easing back pain, improving posture, and relieving tension headaches.

massage therapist performing stretching massage on client
massage therapist performing raindrop technique massage on client

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Therapy is one of the Massage & Healing Center’s more distinctive services. Our therapists apply drops of premium therapeutic-grade essential oils in a raindrop-like fashion along the spine bringing each client into a soothing state of relaxation.

Couple’s Massage

Intimate, calming, and relaxing. That’s what you’ll get from our couple’s massage sessions. Tailored specifically to your needs, this time with your partner is well-spent. Whether you’re looking to escape the daily stresses of life together or enjoy a special occasion together, our couples massage is right for you.

couple getting a massage at Massage & Healing Center
Couple getting massage

Best Friends Massage

A one-hour session for two people who come in together, each in separate rooms or together in the same room – your choice.


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